Sonics Franchise

I started a Seattle Sonics Franchise on NBA LIVE 2006 (original Xbox). I’m playing 2006 since it has the Seattle Sonics which got man raped by their greedy ass owner and the NBA’s shitty commissioner. I am also pretty broke and my 360 died so I’m busting out the Xbox and NBA Live 06.

I’m extremely bored and have a shit load of homework, quizzes, and a paper due soon, so logically I thought this would be the best time to bust it out. I created a few players to make it more interesting.  I know Obama is a big basketball fan, so I googled his weight and height  and created him for my team.  He’s a decent player. I think he’s around 80-84 ( I lied he’s 94 ovr) rating and cant really hit 3s but a beast at free throws. I also made a player named “Jesus Christ” who is the tallest, biggest and best player in the game ( I maxed out all his attributes).  He’s currently a free agent but whatever team signs him will likely be the hardest to play and best in the league. I also added musician and my role model,  Henry Rollins, since hes awesome but I made him 60 ovr so my team wont be stacked.   I did do some roster cleaning up like sending James and Bosh to Miami, Carmello to NY, and Shaq to Boston. I didn’t add new players or any of that cause I really don’t care or follow the NBA without the Sonics.  I’ll post some videos, pictures and what not onto this blog cause I know you guys care so much (sarcasm).

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