Christ signs with Charlotte (sonics chise)

Charlotte, N.C – It didn’t take long for  Christ to find a team.  I checked the news wire right after I played Sonics game and he had already landed with Charlotte. I didn’t check the contract, but was expecting the best player in the game to sign with Boston, LA Lakers, or  even Miami which would of been sweet to see Wade, James, Bosh, and Christ (unstoppable).  Christ is the kind of player you can stick anywhere and he would still be the best player on the field.

I checked the stats for his first game and they weren’t as impressive as I would hope with maxed out atts. He had 13 points with 13 rebounds. I blame the players on the team not passing to Christ enough.  Bobcats are probably in Cap hell landing Christ (ill check), but he’s gonna bring them championships unlike Lebron who just bails on a city to be on Wade’s team.  Charlotte is awful though and would be the last place I would head as the best rookie in the game. Its clear that Jesus is greedy and just heading to Charlotte for the cheddar or drank too much of his own blood before signing that contract.    Sonics play Charlotte at the end of the month so shits gonna go down. Hopefully by then he will be leading the league in everything and not dick riding the trade block to try and land with a legit team.

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