Clippers@Sonics Game 1 of 82

The editing in that video is a little rough since I did it late and was tired. There was also not a lot of action so I pulled random parts and put the entire last 1 minute of the game. Obama and Lewis were being beasts the entire game. Obama was hitting crazy deep shots and hitting almost all his shots. Lewis was also and tied the game with 50 seconds left at 168. Shaun Livingston and James Singleton were the only Clippers doing damage..I trailed most of the game cause I havent played NBA live 06 in a year so it took time to adjust to the controls again. It also didnt help that my center is straight garbage but shit doesnt matter.

stats breakdown sonics/clippers:
172-170 score
45-59 rebounds
39-33 assists
13-16 steals
12-11 blocks
8-6 fouls
26-22 turnovers
78/142- 79/151 fgs
.549- 523 fg %
8/22- 3/6 3 pointers
364-.500 3 %
8/10- 9/12 free throws
20-33 off rebounds
25-26 def rebounds

might put player stats/ unedited game footage later..

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