Ray Allen to Hawks (Sonics chise)

I traded Ray Allen to the Atlanta Hawks to clear cap room.  I had to trade Allen cause his contract was killing the  possibility of o re-signing all  the players with  1 yr deals ( pretty much half the team). It was ridiculous cause I kept sending the CPU offers and they rejected them for no reason. I finally got a deal done with Atlanta after 30 minutes of being told my trade was rejected.  I tried to trade for the  legendary Sonic, Gary Payton,  from the Celtics but they refused all my trades.Anyway, here are the details:

Sonics Get:

Marvin Williams (Rookie)- 76 ovr

Al Harrington -76 ovr

Hawks Get:

Fortson- 65 ovr

Allen- 88 ovr

It’s a fairly balanced trade. Fortson was getting a retarded amounts of money ( 6.5 M or so) … Allen was also making ridiculous money that he deserved though. I had no choice but to take the offer cause its the only one that the cpu accepted. I didn’t land the best players, but I’m more looking to off-season free agency rather than right now.  Plus I went from $765 K to  $14.21M…a great ass move.

Jesus Christ Update:

I looked up his contract info with the Bobcats.. Jesus signed a 6 year deal worth $ 25.12 M

I also am upping the difficulty to make the game more challenging

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2 Responses to Ray Allen to Hawks (Sonics chise)

  1. PICKLE says:

    your a freaking idiot! way to give up the best three point shooter to ever come through the nba!

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