Back on WordPress yeaaaa

I went to blogger for awhile, but I kind of missed wordpress and the bitching that goes on here. I bought a PS3 but it hasn’t arrived yet so I’m going to continue my Sonics chise until it arrives. I really only bought the PS3 for The Show 11.  I’ve never played The Show. I’ve only played MLB 2k11 on my shitty ass broken 360. If anyone wants to buy my broken 360 then hit me up (ill throw in all games, controller, cables). MLB 2k11 is alright, but it doesn’t seem to compare to the realism of the show (judging purely by youtube videos).

Sonics Chise:

I lowered the game speed in NBA 06 after finding some sweet sliders on Google. It’s better to turn down game speed so you dont get those ridiculous stats and scores. I’m still on game 3 or 4 (not sure)

Last thing-

I know I’m a shitty writer, but I’ve actually written a 63 page  book before that absolutely no one read but whatever. I’m writing  “The Entrepreneur” as a novel cause I have a lot of free time. Its pretty much the same plot but more serious than the one episode of shitness that I released on here. So, I probably won’t update that little series on this blog. I may give clips from my book, but I’m still on chapter 1.

last last thing-

I have a shit load of videos that I may also upload to this blog. They’re kinda random but who cares really.  These vids will contain stuff like me playing video games with commentary and other lame shit that Dont Get Shot 27 is known for. By the way, I just read my last post and I completely stopped checking my fantasy baseball team after a week so I wont update that at all.

I get  3-4 views a week so lol…. Im talking to myself but its all gooooood

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