Sonics Franchise

Sonics Franchise Starters

I played the third game of the season awhile ago and lost in a ridiculously high scoring game.  Lewis scored 84 points and we still lost. This was the game that i decided to slow down the game speed and up the difficulty. I probably won’t upload the highlights like I normally do= since theres too much to edit.  I played the fourth game of the season and will upload highlights to this game since its closer. I’m happy since it was a lower scoring game and played realistically. There is also an injury that could impact the team (ill post more on who it is and game stats, highlight, etc) Anyway,  I also made a trade after that game with the Spurs. It wasn’t a blockbuster trade like the last one but it’s another salary cap dump. I would of released Pot smoker but its better this way cause his 1 million dollar contract goes to the Spurs and i get a 640k (around there) contract which expires at the end of the season.  I most likely will not re-sign him, so I win in this trade. 2-0 in trades booom

Spurs Get:

Vitaley Potapenko -C- 61 ovr

Sonics Get:

Linton Johnson- SF – 56 ovr

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