Hey- Havent seen me in awhile

I havent posted here in a long ass time. What is up my people? I got a 160 GB PS3 for $159 and MLB The Show 11 is on its way (thanks to sis bf? not sure, but he hooked me up). Also got some finals this week and then its summer break.  I probably will start a new blog for my RTTS (road to the show) player. I’m debating starting a new RTTS pitcher, but I created myself as a LF who was drafted by the Braves. SO lots of good shit coming up. I literally have noodles and doodles of free time to devote to this blog now. Im a keep making my Sonics chise on my crappy original xbox, but ya’ll love it.   Lots of videos I still gotta upload and some other shitty stories.

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