Hello, I’m William Foster

My last post on here was August 27, 11 which is like 2005 in internet time. This blog never had a motive or purpose, but now I’ll try to put purpose and motive to the Dont Get Shot 27 brand. My Xbox doesnt seem to play my NBA Live 06 disk anymore which sucks cause I enjoyed that Sonics franchise. I gotta get a job so I started to apply to a bunch of random places(biglots grocerystores). I’ll probably just talk about my quest for a job and if I land one then i’ll go off on the horrors/pleasures of employment. I aim high for a CEO job even though I have absolutely no qualifications or work experience. I’d be fine with any job except for Walmart or some fast food chain, but doesnt really matter if it pays decent. All I do right now is sleep and watch tv which is pretty normal for a 21 year old actually, so shits all good.

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