“it’s just because you have a ridiculously high opinion of yourself”

I was nice to censor his name (dgs27), but here is some hardcore skype bashing by some guy I semi know. It does my heart good when someone uses their juvenile psychiatric skills. OH my..he thinksI’m a narcissist! Pass the butter:

[7:23:55 PM] dgs27: i can prove you wrong on many many things
[7:24:10 PM] dgs27: you just refuse to accept anything that is different from your opinion
[7:24:25 PM] dgs27: or whatever opinion you pretend to have at the given moment

[7:26:29 PM] dgs27: if you could read an article maybe you could learn to argue
[7:26:51 PM] dgs27: but you look at it and just make shit up

[7:28:33 PM] dgs27: because you make shit up and go offtopic when you can’t refute my statements

[7:42:09 PM] dgs27: it’s just because you have a ridiculously high opinion of yourself
[7:42:10 PM] dgs27: for no reason
[7:42:48 PM] dgs27: you are a narcissist


flashback to one of my first blog post by a different man:

fun times talking to a bipolar guy on AIM. I’m Blunt Bucs 27… here it is:


emmz 6 83 10:29 am
are you a fucking maniac?

or serial killer?

my god, u r SICK
Blunt Bucs 27 10:31 am
what now
emmz 6 83 10:31 am
oh please
Blunt Bucs 27 10:31 am
emmz 6 83 10:32 am
or r u mentally retarded? 

which im now thinking you are.
Blunt Bucs 27 10:32 am
oh nice
shitty game last night
emmz 6 83 10:32 am
whats with the copying my away messages?
Blunt Bucs 27 10:32 am
i didnt
emmz 6 83 10:32 am
u fucking retard
Blunt Bucs 27 10:32 am
i have a christmas boxing class tonight
emmz 6 83 10:33 am
get help, seriously
Blunt Bucs 27 10:33 am
thats y im going to the class
to get help wrapping shit
emmz 6 83 10:34 am
and quit copyin everything i say, i must be yer idol, retard
Blunt Bucs 27 10:34 am
wasnt aware that i was
emmz 6 83 10:34 am
you are, hahaha 

ur demented
Blunt Bucs 27 10:35 am
please please too many compliments for one day
so wat up
emmz 6 83 10:35 am
dude seriously 

stop it 

go stalk someone else
Blunt Bucs 27 10:35 am
i didnt do anything
emmz 6 83 10:35 am
yeah u did 

u know u did 

this aint my first rodeo 


emmz 6 83 10:36 am
just… knock it off

go pick on someone else via CPU cuz ur a pussy
Blunt Bucs 27 10:37 am
never pick on anyone
emmz 6 83 10:37 am
aight u know what 

im blocking u, ur a flat out dick
Blunt Bucs 27 10:37 am
i didnt do anything
but ok
emmz 6 83 10:37 am
oh the away msg wasnt something? 

emmz 6 83 10:38 am
i say im going to boxing class
and then u do 

get the fuck out of my face 

Blunt Bucs 27 10:38 am
emmz 6 83 10:38 am
Blunt Bucs 27 10:38 am
bipolar i see
emmz 6 83 10:39 am
 emmz 6 83 (emmz 6 83) is offline 10:47 am
IMs are delivered when the buddy signs in. Send emmz 6 83 (emmz 6 83) a text message
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