We’re gonna go 162-0

*all captions of image are written under the image

I miss my Sonics franchise from NBA 2006 (disk scratched)… I could buy a new disk for a few dollars, but its too much work. I’m just gonna carry the energy to MLB The Show 11 and my new Toronto Blue Jays franchise. I made a few characters that are beasts like Henry Rollins (Closer A potential) and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ signed a 3 year deal with the Texas Rangers for dirt cheap considering his attributes are all maxed and he’s the fattest/tallest/ best player in the game. The Show is kinda lame in the fact that they make you play all 162 so its almost impossible to finish a season, but I plan on playing at least 2 seasons. Im not buying The Show 12 so it’s possible. Im going to do a game or two a day, so expect box scores (doesnt matter at all) and possibly pictures…

I picked Toronto cause the division is hard as shit. I also want to crank out 50-60 hrs with Bautista (not as greedy as Pujols)

 signed Russel Branyan (1B) to a dirt cheap 3 yr=950k contract..he’s my favorite underrated player.. just look at him break that bat with his mighty math powers


Pitching Rotation

Game 1 RECAP: 

Opening Day Lineup

Game 1 of 162

Mauer going hard on day one, but misses the diving catch

Henry Rollins= best rookie closer

some of the players are homosexual, but its all good.

Game 1 Quick Summary

we’re 1-0

Anyway, I’ll post game recaps like this and maybe videos if its interesting or a milestone.

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