Get use to the word “sweep” and “win” : 3-0

Game 3/162

I smell a Sweep in Toronto and only 159 wins away from a perfect season

Their pitcher (Baker) is such an asshole to his entire team.. not only does he give up 7-8 runs, but he pulls shit like this lol

Blue Jays Lineup

Twins lineup

Cecil reacts to a 3 run bomb

Cecil/me  had an awful game pitching today.. pulled after 4.1 innings and those 2 baserunners scored so its really 8 earned runs and a high ass era

Bautista blasts his first homerun of the night as Branyan admires with a front row seat

Davis (CF) overruns the ball and 3 runs score off this error

Bautista safe on a close infield single

Bautista gets greedy and called out at home on a great throw from centerfield

Henry Rollins throws a 101 fastball…boom

domination.. the Twins are awful though

Sidenote: A look at Jesus Christ scouting report

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