Jays = 4-0… we’ll never lose!

Game 4/162

Winning out is the only way to win the AL East.  The Yanks n Sox could easily get 100 wins, so gotta keep winning.  This Jay squad is a powerhouse ( ranked 1st in power), but the pitching is lacking.  I might have to trade for a reliable SP later in the season to bring down the high era.  Speaking of pitching, Henry Rollins is a beast closer. I’m gonna go for record saves with him(doable since he throws crazy heaters). He has 3 saves so far in this young season and appeared in all 4 games.

saved the cpu created highlight reel (didn’t know you could), but dunno why the cpu finds value in random ground outs or pop outs lol:

Welcome Oakland  to the house of horrors

I try to rotate players in and out and mix the lineup everyday

bunting with 2 out and a runner on 3rd is awesome….when it works  like this did. This tied the game at 1-1

stealing may not be a crime in Oakland, but stealing is a crime in Toronto!

Pitching coach visibly upset that he isn’t our pitching coach. Who wants to live in Oakland plus never win a baseball game?

Napoli hits this upperdeck  bomb that barely stays in

Oakland looks nauseous after playing the undefeated Jays

the usual game summary

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