Jays Franchise: 6-0

Next series: @  (2-4)

I dunno why Oakland didn’t start Manny Ramirez the entire series, but  I doubt it would of made a difference in the sweep.  Jake Peavy started instantly and had a quality start which resulted in a win.  Henry Rollins is still the greatest closer in the game. In the final game Morrow nearly threw a no hitter (went 5-6 innings) then gave up a single (in highlight reel) which sucks. I haven’t thrown a no hitter since mlb 2k7 and I’ve never thrown a perfect game.

Jake Peavy first start as a Blue Jay

Not sure why they never start Manny Ramirez… lol maybe he’s serving a steroid suspension

no one shows up to the games

Kouzmanoff (however spelled) makes a great play which can be seen on the highlight reel below

Next stop is California to face the Albert Pujols Angels.

Note: Raised pitching/hitting difficulty and injury occurrences. I’m only gonna do series wrap up instead of single games cause it’s quicker. I’ll post statistics/standings at the end of each month

highlight reel for game 2/3

highlight reel for game 3/3–coming soon

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